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The Pillar of Dominance

Chapter 8
Dr. Morgan opened Nella's file. His colleagues had unanimously
agreed that she was beyond help. Dr. Morgan considered everything that had
happened during the last few sessions. Something was unusual about this
patient, that much was for certain. Her ability to guess what he was thinking
as if she could see into his mind and witness memories was positively
alarming. Perhaps this was why so many doctors had insisted on handing her
over to someone else as quickly as possible.
The phone rang and he answered it mechanically.
"Hello, Dr. Morgan speaking."
"Good morning, my name is Dr. Maverick Elson," said a crackly,
masculine voice on the other end. “I'm calling on behalf of a young woman
you are currently working with. She's a new patient of yours I believe. Her
name is ah, let me see..." There was the sound of shuffling papers. "Nella,
her name is Nella Lira Johnson."
"I know of whom you speak," said Dr. Morgan.
"It has come to my attention that she has been institutionalized for
quite some time without any visible improvements," said the voice. "It may
be time to take more drastic measures. There is a government program that
can help girls with her condition with the consent of a physician—"
"Government program?" Dr. Morgan interrupted. "I have never heard
of such a program. Nor have I, in nearly twenty years of practice, met
another patient with a condition like Nella's. Jensen Valley is among the top
leading psychiatric facilities in the country. If she is to improve at all, it will
be here."
"We will come to collect her in two days time."
"I won't allow it," said Dr. Morgan angrily. “You do not have the
consent of this physician!”
There were dial tones on the other end of the line.
Dr. Morgan slowly put down the receiver. He was deeply unsettled by
the call and suspected that Nella was no longer safe at the Asylum. Someone
had discovered her unique talents and had the intention of using them for
their own gain. Of course the staff at Jensen Valley would only be happy to
be rid of her. They would go along with whatever story they were fed as
long as the paperwork checked out.
There was a knock on the door.
"Come in," called Dr. Morgan, still troubled by the call.