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The Phantom Poetic

Kelvin Bueckert
(c)2011. All rights reserved.
This collection includes some previously published items.
Love in a Cold Place-Alephion
Communication Downfall-Martian Wave
Wizard-Naked Snake Press
WingOWack-Ghost Whispers
Man into Robot-The Fifth Dimension
Past Insignificant-Mo-nu-ment
Space Ghosts-Alien Skin Magazine
Space Thoughts-Dragon's Knights and Angels
Mind Games-Fear and Trembling
Stop!-The Gloaming
The Twin Nature-The Gloaming
System Fatigue-Poe Little Thing
Evil Grey-Bewildering Stories
Ol'Zeke-Private Galaxy
Devil in a Bottle
“Wake up! Time to die!” I reach over and shake my female passenger from
her drunken slumber.
She looks panicked as she awakens. She seems to be
trying to convince herself that I am only an alcoholic vision.
Oh well, I can still complement myself on the fact that I am
quite a clever driver. Maybe it is fate rewarding my long imprisonment.