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The PC Technician's Tune Up Manual

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Published: 5 years ago

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The PC Technician's Tune-Up Manual, is a handbook created for PC Technician's, as well as the "do-it-yourself" crowd. The handbook is a proven, step by step, illustrated manual, that will show how to easily and quickly speed up a computer and improve performance and reliability. Paying $50-$100 to get a computer tune-up at a retail store is now a thing of the past!

Philip Butkus

OK for beginners but they should be warned NOT to mess with registry entries or Windows Services unless they know what they're doing. This is far from being a "technician's" manual.And out of curiosity, I tried to download two free chapters from the author's "Virus Removal Manual". Didn't work - a 404 web error.That's not exactly encouraging.

Bill Norrie

Quite a good publication, but there are quite a few typographical errors........

Leon Cousins

Can be heavy going, but good if you want all the technical stuff

Robert McIntyre

Very good manual, and should be helpful to mostcomputer users...lots of good advice. Bob Mc Intyre Endicott, NY

Rommel Nepun

Amazing book that helps me a lot. It's a down to earth direct to the point instructions, even a newbie like me could easily grasp and digest. Thanks and more power. Keep it up.

Nelly Jackson

It's totally awesome! Any users who are new to computer must grab this eBook!

Suzette Quitano

The visual, step-by-step instructions make it unbelievably easy for the non-technical user to comprehend. It is the essential basic tune up manual for any P.C. user.


After reading this eBook, I could conclude that the author put some good tips in here, most of which I already knew, but a few that I did not, good read!


Jarvis Edwards

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