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The Mysterious Affair at Styles

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Published: 4 years ago

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Author: Agatha Christie

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Set in the hotel of Styles Court in Styles, Essex, this is a murder mystery that seemed to never be figured out.


i loved this book!

Mae Wood

Love A. Christie.......Wish all of her books were available...


One of my most favorite books. Love it.


Christie is as brilliant as ever. Loved it!

Deblina Pattanayak

i dont yet get to understand why arthur conan doyle is more famous for sherlock holmes than agatha christie for her ingenius creations....these mysteries are so nerve wracking!!

Nabila Babur

A really nice and engrossing mystery.Love the way Agatha Christie twists events.

Larry Burnham

It is Agatha Christie. How could you go wrong.

Derrick taylor

I just love Hercule Poirot mysteries


can't go wrong with christie

victor hugo barrientos

like she always did, nice twists along the book will stop your heart!!

Susan Latulippe

Absolutely great. Christie perfect writing makes this one a great mystery

prudence kwesa

I have been reading and rereading agatha christie books, since i was 15, i'am now 30. i like my friend monami hercule poirot so much and just love hastings humour. please i want to read more and more. i think agatha was the best mystery writer ever.


I'm a big fan of Agatha Christie and have become a bigger one after reading this book. Thrilling to read, with a completely unsuspecting end. U luv mysteries; U must read. :


Agatha Christie

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