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The Mating (Wild Cats Part One): Erotic Romance Series

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Published: 3 years ago

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She never knew someone like him would come... Iliana first met Nickolas in the restaurant where she worked as a waitress. He was beautiful, rich, witty--and beckoned her for just one date. Yet her senses whispered something else: "He's unpredictable." She never knew what to expect with him. Nickolas woed her everyday, nonstop, for a month. He brought her to his secluded castle, straight from the pages of a fairy tale, and dazzled her with a display of romantic lights like she's never seen before. All of this... For her. He was an epitome of control, like a panther, but as a lover he was just as wild. He set her body on fire, and it consumed both of them again and again. Sex with him was simply incomparable!


Its been 1yr already. Where is the part 2

Jac nilo

Oh great! Why write a hanging story? When will the 2nd part come out?

Myriam Savona

we definitely would like the other books in this series...this is just a taster


i'm expecting a second part too.....................ending wasnt clear at all

Kathy Rash

when does the next one come out?

Grace Dean

Good storyline but it ended abruptly . G

Leah Blescila Labastilla

The story did end abruptly, and we like to see the "series" here, too. The relationship of the characters are clear but the reasons for the relationship is not. We want more details on the romance part.


Ended too abruptly and was too short

Shamielah Ismail

can we please have the follow up books

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Sandra Ross

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