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The Master Blueprint

I was going to entitle this special report “How To Make A Million Dollars In 2006” but
changed my mind because I didn’t want to promise that you’d make any specific amount.
I fully expect to earn several million in 2006, primarily from marketing info products
online, and believe that anyone can. But that’s all really up to you.
Here’s my full disclaimer…
This publication is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information with
regards to the subject matter covered. It is provided with the understanding that the
publisher in not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or any other professional advice.
If legal advice or any other type of expert assistance is required, the services of a
competent professional should be sought.
There is no guarantee of any kind provided in this document, including any guarantee
that you will make any money. You are solely responsible for any actions or lack of
actions you take in regards to what you read here.
Resale Rights
I created this special report because I wanted to help as many people as possible to reach
their dreams in 2006. I have reached mine, know how to do it, and want to teach you how
to do it. To that effect, I sold copies of this report with Master Resale Rights. That
means that when you bought this report, you also bought the rights to sell this report for
any price that you choose, and keep all of the money.
I actually considered GIVING away this report, but as you read further, you’ll discover
why I didn’t. By selling it, I actually do more good.
You have the right to resell this report, or the resale rights to this report, for any price that
you choose, and keep all of the money. That’s what we mean by “Master Resale Rights.”
You do not have the right to alter this report in ANY way. Altering this
special report in any way violates our international copyright and instantly cancels all
rights that you have regarding this report.