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The Maiden's Odyssey

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Published: 4 years ago

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The Maiden's Odyssey is set in the 8th Century BCE. A young captive named Nerissa is transported from Asia Minor to the Greek island of Ithaca. Purchased by a member of the oligarchy, her master discovers Nerissa’s keen intelligence, and involves her in his plan to introduce democracy. When his fortunes turn suddenly, she’s brutalized by her new owner. Nerissa escapes, only to be recaptured and punished harshly. She seeks blind Homer's protection, but he insists on returning her. While leading Homer errantly, Nerissa recounts the ordeal of her family that led to her enslavement. As he struggles with the opening of his new epic The Odyssey, Homer becomes intrigued by Nerissa's tale. Their encounter sets off a chain of tragedy and triumph winding through the next ten years. Download this FREE e-book today!

Stephen Lee

could not put this book down. a good read.

Brian Montgomery

Outstanding historical fiction. Extremely well written, finely drawn and complex characters, thoroughly researched for readers who like their ancient settings to be accurate, consistently interesting. The slave girl Nerissa's ordeal before being brought to Ithaca provides the material for Homer as he writes The Odyssey. Both dark and hopeful in tone, I'd vote for The Maiden's Odyssey as the best novel I've read in years. It was so superb, I searched for Coulter's other books on Amazon, and also found a link to his website, where samples from his newest books and entire copies of earlier books are downloadable for free.


Paul Coulter

Paul Coulter is the author of 22 novels, primarily historical fiction, with a few literary and mainstream works. He is a native of Waynesboro, Virginia, was educated at M.I.T. and Harvard and currently teaches at Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey. He is the proud father of two grown children, Neena and Daniel. Over the course of his thirty year writing career, he has done a wide variety of work to support his family, beginning as a research assistant in a genetics lab, and ranging from Head Coach of Women's Soccer at M.I.T. to sous chef at a fine restaurant in Boston to a variety of corporate marketing positions to Divisional Director at Graduate Hospital in Philadelphia to security guard and pizza delivery when times were lean. In addition to writing, his lifelong passions are soccer, table tennis, cooking, and crossword puzzles. He constructs Cryptic Crosswords for the British market under the name Scribbler, and competes regularly in American crossword tournaments,

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