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The Low-Down on Cholesterol

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Published: 5 years ago

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alwynn morgan

I liked this ebook because it gave the reference sources so you can check the truth or otherwise of what is being said. It highlights again the link between the medical profession and the drug commpanies who would like eveyone to be on some drug or other. It also tells you, should you not already know that your health is in your hands. Pass that responsibility to a professional and you could easily be a lot unhealthier. The author puts me in mind of Bernie Siegel who said cancers were lifestyle related. I speak as one who has not seen a doctor in over thirty years and have good health to show for it and I don't belive it is luck.


Dr. Joseph Mercola

As a doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO), Dr. Joseph Mercola has successfully treated thousands of patients for over two decades. He finished his family practice residency in 1985. Before focusing on holistic healthcare, he spent his first few years of private practice treating his patients with prescription drugs, and was even a paid speaker for some pharmaceutical companies. But after witnessing the flaws of conventional medicine, he decided to switch to natural medicine and integrated time-tested holistic approaches in his practice, with which he found great success. He then founded The Natural Health Center (formerly The Optimal Wellness Center), which focuses on using a “whole-body approach” to medicine. For most of his life, Dr. Mercola has exhibited a great interest in technology. In 1997, he integrated his passion for health with modern technology by founding, where he shares his personal health experiences and natural strategies that can promote optimal health. currently receives an average of 14 million visitors monthly and has over one million subscribers, making it one of the world’s most visited health sites. Dr. Mercola seeks to transform the flawed medical paradigm in the United States by educating people. Along the way, he accomplished significant milestones that have inspired people to take control of their health using safe and practical solutions. In 2009, Dr. Mercola was voted the 2009 Ultimate Wellness Game Changer by The Huffington Post. He also authored two New York Times bestsellers, The Great Bird Flu Hoax and The No-Grain Diet, and has been featured in many media resources, such as TIME Magazine, CNN, Fox News, and ABC News with Peter Jennings. Get the latest on natural health by connecting with Dr. Mercola through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+, or visit Dr. Mercola’s Natural Health Center for more information on his practice.

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