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The Justice Cooperative

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Published: 2 years ago

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Attacked by a vicious criminal Tom Borden and his wife chose to testify against him. Their testimony helped put him in jail. Now he's out... and he wants revenge. The police won't help. The courts won't help. Where can they turn? The Justice Cooperative.


Nice one, I really like the fact the gun shop owner didn't recommend "a girl gun". Strength to your writing arm :)

Tammy Smith Endsley

Was a very enjoyable read with very valid points regarding gun laws.

Robert Bendy

Would hate to think what it would be like if only the criminals had weapons!

Pearl Oshea

Although not in favour of guns, this book gives a good rationale for having them, not sure re DIY murders but again reiterates how often breaking the law is not dealt with to support public, certainly seems that way in England now! Interesting read made me hope for a good ending. not sure that facts were correct, but overall a good read.

Anthony Briffa

Bit of a rant pushing the author's obvious agenda on gun laws.

James Ward

Even if the statistics cited in this story are accurate there will always be those that will refuse to belive. The story brought out some good points for both sides i thought. Moral delimmas make us think for ourselves. Will recommend this story to anyone. Jay Ward

Therese Fairbrother

This novel contains an interesting story, & is quite readable for its own sake. The author also seems to be using the novel to provoke thoughts & discussions about some relevant political issues.

Mary Kaciuba

Read like a promo for NRA

lorna findlay

the story was potentially very good but spoiled by excessive propaganda for the NRA and extreme right wing America - his info on Aust and UK gun stats entirely wrong and i would suggest dishonest Couldn't finish

Carrie Luna

Well written, well researched, knowledgable basis for his plot and storyline. He actually made me feel as if he knew the 2 main characters.


Joseph P. Martino

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