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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

The Heart of Tarkon

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Published: 3 years ago

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Author: Stephen Meakin

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Mankind believes that he is the greatest intelligence on this Planet, and so do many other creatures on similar Worlds scattered right across the Universe. But for some, they know differently. They know that every World is overshadowed by a majestic Being whose impeccable intelligence and power far surpasses anything of the mortal kind. These Beings do not occupy thrones of grandeur, dictating with a rod of iron the daily activities of humans, instead, They are the mindful ones, carefully influencing creatures like Man on towards his highest potential. The Heart of Tarkon is the first book in the epic Centre Vale Trilogy, where mortals discover that life, power and intelligence exists on a far greater scale than previously imagined.


Great fantasy. Look forward to reading book 2


Light hearted, memorable characters, and an excellent escape- Please give us another Meakin adventure.


Started out alittle simple, but built up interest. anticipating the next installment.

Indranie Dabideen

Loved this book. I was so absorbed by the story - I had to stop reading for a bit and all I could think of was how fast can I get back to the book; because I just wanted to know what happened next. Excited to get my my hands on part two, hopefully soon. Felt I would love to ride a kyboe - sounded like remarkable animals.

paul sanders

Really enjoyed this, hope the next one comes soon

k krieger

I'm a fantasy and sci-fi enthusiast and was thrilled to get my eyes into this trilogy. The story is absorbing, the writing is fantastic and you literally fall into another world. I highly recommend this book to everyone, not only readers of fantasy.

k krieger

I totally agree with the other reviews. You feel part of the adventure itself, like falling into another world. Great descriptions, great characters and most unusual tale.


Very good, but left me hanging at the end.


I Loved reading this book, and the ending makes you want to read the next one badly

John Connor

Great story. You feel as though you are living it while reading.


Stephen Meakin

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