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The Fury Of Me: The Sound Of My Mind

There is this new girl I’m fucking. She’s not completely new, I’ve fucked her
before, but not for a while.
She currently is wearing a 500 dollar necklace. Her boyfriend bought it for her a
week ago. She’s been dating this dude for less than a week and she doesn’t really like
him, or maybe she does like him but not enough to not fuck me while dating him. Not
enough to not betray his trust.
I made her wear the necklace while we fucked.
A five hundred dollar necklace. And this girl’s boyfriend bought it for her for
Christmas. He told her he loved her and handed her a box, and she opened it and was
happy. It had diamonds in it, and later on while he wasn’t around she looked up similar
necklaces by the same company online and it turned out the cost was five hundred
dollars. Black diamonds and shit.
And here this girl was, in my bed naked, lying next to me. It wasn’t the first
time this girl had been next to me naked. It wasn’t the first time we were smoking
cigarettes together after sex. And it wasn’t the first boyfriend she cheated on with me.
But it was the first boyfriend whom had told her he loved her with a five
hundred dollar necklace, which was the only thing she kept on while we fucked. And it
was the only thing she had on now, smoking our cigarettes and ashing in the same
ashtray, balancing on the covers where above her thighs on her pussy. She held the
necklace in her free hand and turned it over, examining it. It only had a small give
around her neck, so she couldn’t pull it that far. It got tangled in her blonde hair.
“He bought me the necklace before we even started dating. He’s fucking in
love with me.” She said it and I felt nothing. I always felt nothing when she talked
about her boyfriends. I felt no remorse, I felt no evil inside me. I knew there was evil
inside me. I knew I should feel remorse. But I’ve fucked so many girls with boyfriends I
think it must have hardened, my heart or something, and I felt nothing. I knew this girl
better than I knew most people, and I knew her well enough to know that this wouldn’t
last like most of her boyfriends. This one just happened to fuck up early and spend a lot
of money on her. He’ll learn his lesson pretty soon, I guess.
Her phone vibrated. He had been texting all night. She was texting him back,
only taking breaks to have sex with me. She opened the text and made absolutely no
effort to hide it from me. It was him, her boyfriend, at work asking if he wanted her to
bring home any food (“a wrap, chicken parm, salad, anything..?”) telling her he loved
She sighed and I rolled back on top of her.
We played games kissing. I would ask for a short kiss, than a medium length
kiss, then a long kiss. Than we would switch it up. I’d ask for a long kiss, long kiss,
medium, short, long. Always ending on the long kisses. They were my favorite. She
loved this game.
I felt bad for feeling not bad, so I tried to make her feel bad.
“Why do you do this?” I asked her.