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The Eyes of Mystic Forest

was going to be 18 on May 6, and would decide then where I wanted to live, but
for now, I felt safe with my dad.
When I felt the car slow down, I instinctively pushed on the non-existent
brake pedal on the passenger side, where I was sitting.
My name is Veronica Taylor, but my mom and dad had always called me
Ronnie. I’m 17 years old with waist length wavy brown hair, and the same blue
eyes as my dad. Even though his hair is lighter than mine is, we look a lot alike. My
hair is usually down, but today I put it in a ponytail. I didn't want to take the time
to do anything else with it.
I still remember my summer friends, but only distantly. It seemed like it had
been years, though it had only been six months since I was there. I wondered how
much had changed in that six months.
"Happy Valentine’s Day," dad said unexpectedly, and broke up my
thoughts. I hadn't even realized what day it was.
"Thanks dad, I had forgotten about that." I didn’t really want to think about
it either.
"That’s ok; you've had a lot on your mind. Here you go" He leaned over,
opened the glove box of the car, and handed me a small package out of it.
I was stunned. I took the box out of his hand, wrapped in light blue. I could
tell dad had not been the one to wrap it; there was even a bow on top.
"What is it?" I looked at him.
"Open it," he said, with a grin on his face.
I slowly pulled off the paper, and it was a small jewelry box. I looked up at
him to see he looked nervous. I opened the box, and it was a ring. I had seen it
before. It was my Grandmother Lottie's wedding ring. I didn't know what to say.
"I was going to give this to you when you came this summer, for your
birthday, but after the accident well, I thought you might like it. Susan sent it to