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The Eyes of Mystic Forest

1. Going Home
I was riding in the car with my dad, on the way to my new home. I checked
my seatbelt for the third time. I looked out the front window, and tensed up
when I saw a car coming down a small road. I relaxed when the car came to a
complete stop, and waited on us to pass. Dad hit a bump and I gasp.
“Sorry baby,” dad said.
“It’s ok dad. It’s not your fault.”
As I watched the trees becoming thicker as the city lights dimmed; I
recalled the day that had been the worst in my life.
That Thanksgiving night, Mom let me drive the car home from Tim's
family's house. The police said someone ran a stop light, and skidded into the
passenger side of the car where my mom and Tim were sitting. The wreck itself is
hazy. I remember the ambulance ride, as well as the E.R. but everything else is
just a blur. The only real thing to me now, is that I will never see my mom or Tim
My mom’s name was Sandy. Until the accident, I lived with her during
school, and came to stay with my dad in the summer. They split up when I was
ten, but they both were good parents.
My dad is Gabe Taylor. He’s a strong, but fair man. I loved my summers
here as a child. Now, it all seems different.
In the driver’s seat, my dad was very quiet, probably because he didn't
know what to say any more than I did. He spent the entire 3 months with me at
the hospital. I had suffered a cracked spine, and three broken ribs. Dad was at my
side when I woke up. I knew it took all his savings, and even dipping into his
retirement fund to be there, but he didn't want to move me until the doctors
assured him it was completely safe.
Mom had a life insurance policy, but dad said that was mine and insisted I
put it in savings. Dad told me not to worry, but I was practical, I knew that he
wasn't used to paying for a teenager fulltime. I knew this would be a change for
both of us, since I have to change schools and friends. I wasn’t sure if I’d fit in. I