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The Dirty Little E-Book of Sex Quotes

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Published: 5 years ago

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The ultimate source for the best sex quotes around! Featuring over 200 of the best sex quotes and illustrations that are organized into 30 categories for quick and easy reference, this e-book covers it all: Dirty sex, bisexuality, money, chastity, the Tao of sex, safe sex, relationships, and more! Download it today!


lots of fun sayings in this book its a great read, its all in fun people..


Very witty and entertaining! Great stuff!!!

Malcolm Everitt

all the things I wish I'd said, but can never remember at the right time.

Pholoso Monare is supposed to be honorable and what we say about it should not mislead the coming generation!

Sandra Downs

Quick, fun read. Some made me laugh and a couple even made me think. Good collection.


lmao my kind of book!

pinky pal

stupidity. exposure of vulgar thoughts which are strictly to be kept personal. the author is insulting his own sex partner, if any. Parinda...

Gene Treants

When I first read the reviews, I noticed that a lot of women did not like it. AT first I thought it was a gender thing. Now I know it was really just a waste of time.


Waste of time. :))

wendy judd

not much worth reading

Debra Kobarg

A few quotes were amusing, but disappointing on the whole.

Sarah Williams

Clever quotes! Made me laugh.

Bishnu Sharma

The book is very erotic, I like it!!!


this book is really interesting and amusing. if you're down, it will definitely pick you up!


funny and real

Amelia C.Bojo

I just browsed through the "The Dirty Little eBook of SEx Quiotes" and it was a fascinating browse. The quotes that I read were intellectually and sexually "moving". The pictures, too, were great and added substance to the dramatic collection. Thank you. Maybe, the second edition should include a short biography of those quoted?


It was pretty good. It had some different qoutes in it that you don't always hear.


Its teaches the reality in the world.

Emeka Azuruole

Very much interesting, a good work indeed.


Mark Zedler

Mark Zedler is a polyamorous erotic adventurer who never passes up an opportunity to further explore another fascinating aspect of sex and sexuality. It should hardly be surprising then that he ended up writing and blogging about Sex. One of Mark’s favorite venues to explore and discuss sex can be found on his blog! The Bacchanalian is a SexBlog where Mark primarily explores themes like Alternative Lifestyles, Erotica, Adult Humour, Taboos and the History of Sex.

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