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The Diet Solution: Fat Loss Jumpstart

The Best Diet Plan is NO Diet at all
As a nutritionist, the most common question I get daily is “What is the Best Diet to
follow?” My answer is always the same and one that shocks many people. “The best
diet to follow is to follow NO diet at all.” How could any nutritionist wanting to promote
health tell you not to follow a diet?”
Easy. I’m here to tell you that diets do not work. They are one of the most common
reasons people have such a hard time losing weight. People are making the mistake of
following a diet instead of following a delicious way of eating that will satisfy their
hunger, their taste buds and help them reach and maintain an optimum weight and
optimum health.
With all of the junk food, false advertising, and false information out in the world today,
how is this even possible? A delicious way of eating healthy that will help me lose
weight at the same time?
Yes, this is possible for you once you are armed with the correct information.
The best diet is going to be one that you can stick to (for more than just a week), one
that includes delicious food and one you are happy with, not to mention one that you
can maintain for a lifetime.
Here are a few tips that will help you develop the Best Diet for you:
1. Only eat food you enjoy.
Well Isabel, that would be just great, but I enjoy pizza and donuts and that sure doesn’t
seem to be helping me lose weight. Yes, I agree. What I mean here is don’t establish a
crash diet of cottage cheese and grapefruit if you absolutely hate those 2