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The Death of Amelia Marsh: A Sally Nimitz Mystery (Book 1)

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Published: 2 years ago

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Author: Mary Jo Dawson

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In a cozy little Midwestern town where nothing exciting ever happens, Amelia Marsh lies murdered in her own home. When Sally Nimitz discovers the body of her charming eighty-year-old neighbor, she is devastated by how close violence has come to the quiet life she leads as mother, grandmother, and nurse. Though still recovering from the death of her own husband, Sally can’t put the trauma of the murder behind her until she knows who could have done it and why. With the help of a close male friend and a quirky older lady, Sally begins looking into the life and past of her neighbor and soon discovers there was much more to Amelia Marsh’s life than anyone had ever guessed.


I just loved to read this book - I hardly could stop and will download her book 2 'The disappearance of Douglas White' - I'm German and think her writing is very good and can only recommend it.

Dawn Myles

I am reading this book at the moment and am finding it very interesting.


Found this book to be a really good read, looking forward to reading more of this author

Mae Wood

Liked this book very much

Gwenda McIntosh

Loved this book - it was very well written and it was almost the finish before finding out who the murderer was

shirley amichand

well written and excellent plot

anne vickery

Good story and I will be looking forward to reading another book of this author


This book is a great read! She drops hints, but never gives it away until the end! Looking forward to her next book.

jane martin

It was a wonderful read. Suspense kept me wondering what the chapter would bring.

Judy Van Der Vegt

An easy read without foul language or sex. Good mystery. Worth reading.

Marilyn Rudak

Enjoyed it light and entertaining

Linda Fardoe

Brilliant, so many possibilities . I didn't want to put it down! I'm looking for the next one!


very good book and the follow on book The disappearance of douglas white is just as good can,t wait for her next book.

Peter Collins

I enjoyed this book, it was a change of pace from the normal run- of- the- mill detective novels. It was more in line with the older style of detective story, more along the lines of the old Raffles type of adventure. Yes, that is it, it was an adventure story. It leads you through the search for clues and manages to keep you guessing, albeit with your own assumptions (normally incorrect I might add!!), right to the end. Good read.

Therese Fairbrother

Intriguing twists as the story unfolded. I'm interested in tracking down other books by this author.


A bit too muh about the slueth and her boring life for my liking.

Joan Clarke

Thoroughly enjoying this book and look forward to finding the next one on this site. You have inspired me to try my hand at writing a junior novel. Thanks

Yamini MacLean

Goodness what a ride!! If this is your first novel, what is still to come? Cannot wait to read the second - though I find that it is on another site....?! Really strong characters, believable and warm and I could just picture myself sitting having a cuppa with Anne, George and Sally. give us more Mary Jo Dawson!


Good Story - Can't wait to read #2.


Mary Jo Dawson

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