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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

The Dangerous Dimension

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Published: 3 years ago

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Author: L. Ron Hubbard

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Dr. Henry Mudge undergoes a striking personality change when he discovers a mathematical formula—“Equation C”—that defines a mysterious negative dimension. He is instantly transported to any location in the solar system by merely thinking of it—even when he doesn't want to travel. This story first appeared in the July 1938 issue of Astounding Science. Download this FREE e-Book today!


This was a truly fascinating tale. To be able to think yourself somewhere is really scary.

Mal Owen

I enjoy most of Lafayette's novels. He's different,

Robert Vincent

Where is the rest!

John Mann

Ron Hubbard was the putz who on a dare created the scientology, a 'religion' as asinine, venal and vicious as they come. I'm sorry, but I can't get past that to enjoy his childish pulp yarns. If you can, enjoy.

Daniel C

Heh, I just saw Battlefield Earth (MOVIE) and I'm pretty impressed what L. Ron Hubbard can write. This is no exception, even though it was kind of short.

Arlene G

Too much about the author. Too little of the actual story.


I really did like this tale. The house keeper was a bit over the top but she is the kind of person we all know. Hubbard didn't waste time with elaborate discriptions or elongated scene setting which all added to the urgency of his story. A bit O.T.T. with the inevitable princess but if it is good enough for Edger Rice Burrows then I can forgive it.

Adventure Girl

Good book. Interesting. I was surprised it was written so long ago.


L. Ron Hubbard

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