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The Concept Of Love

in is full of evil in spite of the high rate at which people are said to fall in
love, hence it is clear that there lies an unraveled mystery behind the
reason for the continuous spread of evil in a society where love has
become so popular among the young and the old. This same mystery is
what makes Christian parents to teach their children to avoid love at a
young age. It sounds incredible and bizarre to see a Christian parent
teach his/her child that he/she should avoid the greatest
commandment of God until he/she is old enough to love. Love has no
limitations and it is bidden on every child of God irrespective of age. It
is so sad to note that as much as some parents strive to ensure that
their children walk in the way of God, these children grow up to
become wayward and disobedient to God, as it has become a common
phenomenon all over our world. These parents spend much of their
time making their children to understand the word of God but in the
end, all their efforts may end up in vain, in such cases, what we do is to
blame the child for not abiding by what he/she is taught at home or we
blame the devil instead. However, it is not always the blame of the
child, neither should we always blame the devil for everything we do.
The major cause of the inability of children to stick to what they are
taught at home is confusion. This arises as a result of the fact that in a
bid to make children very holy, we make them understand that love is
bad and should not be practiced at a tender age. These same children
later come across many bible verses which command them to show
love to everyone, as such, they become confused, they begin to realize
that some of what their parents teach them run contrary to the word
of God, at that moment, they begin casting doubts over the reality of
what they are being taught, they feel like they are being deceived and
the moment they are no longer under the control of their parents, they