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The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson

Poems No. 1300-1399
From his slim Palace in the Dust
He relegates the Realm,
More loyal for the exody
That has befallen him.
I cannot want it more --
I cannot want it less --
My Human Nature's fullest force
Expends itself on this.
And yet it nothing is
To him who easy owns --
Is Worth itself or Distance
He fathoms who obtains.
I think that the Root of the Wind is Water --
It would not sound so deep
Were it a Firmamental Product --
Airs no Oceans keep --
Mediterranean intonations --
To a Current's Ear --
There is a maritime conviction
In the Atmosphere --
Not One by Heaven defrauded stay --
Although he seem to steal
He restitutes in some sweet way
Secreted in his will --