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The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson

Poems No. 1200-1299
Because my Brook is fluent
I know 'tis dry --
Because my Brook is silent
It is the Sea --
And startled at its rising
I try to flee
To where the Strong assure me
Is "no more Sea" --
So I pull my Stockings off
Wading in the Water
For the Disobedience' Sake
Boy that lived for "or'ter"
Went to Heaven perhaps at Death
And perhaps he didn't
Moses wasn't fairly used --
Ananias wasn't --
The Frost was never seen --
If met, too rapid passed,
Or in too unsubstantial Team --
The Flowers notice first
A Stranger hovering round
A Symptom of alarm
In Villages remotely set
But search effaces him
Till some retrieveless Night