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The Complete Guide to Acne Prevention, Treatment and Remedies!

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Published: 2 years ago

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Author: Pamela Archer

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45 Jam-packed Chapters Overflowing With Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Acne But Were Too Embarrassed to Ask! Dear Acne Sufferer, It doesn't matter whether you are a teenager or are a "30 something." Acne doesn't really care as long as it finds a home. Do any of these situations describe you? You love french fries and other greasy foods. But your skin breaks out. You've tried every cosmetic and tanning lotions on the market, but your skin still breaks out! You shower every day and still have difficulty with unwanted blemishes popping up. You shave with a double-edged razor and you often have inflammation in areas afterwards. If you can relate to any of those situations, you’ve got an acne problem and it needs to be under control. Help is just a click away.


Pamela Archer

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