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The Boy Who Cried Inside

Carlos Perez/The Boy Who Cried Inside
Chapter One
The Engagement
Destiny plays a major role in our lives. Roger, for instance, was a young man full of
dreams and aspirations. He had striking features that often had people comparing him to a young
James Dean, and he had the athletic build to match at six-three, with all the charm of a well-
mannered gentleman.
While serving in the National Guard, Roger met Irma. It was somewhat of a strange,
seemingly fateful encounter, because it happened when Roger was moments away from making
the biggest commitment of his life, about to ask Jackie, his high school sweetheart, for her hand
in marriage.
Jackie was a beautiful young lady with big brown eyes and long, wavy black hair that
cascaded down her back like lush ebony river. She had the smile of an angel, a grin that would
melt most men like butter in a hot iron skillet. In fact, she was so lovely that any man who was
with her would likely be asking himself how he’d possibly gotten so lucky.
Roger intended to surprise Jackie with a proposal while they dined at Rays, a quiet,
family-owned Mexican restaurant. It was furnished and adorned with old Southwest décor, and
the fresh aroma of homemade tortillas filled the air. Festive Mexican music played quietly in the
background as people munched on corn chips and salsa and guacamole. The stage was set, and
Roger was sure it was going to be a night to remember.