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The Boy Who Cried Inside

Carlos Perez/The Boy Who Cried Inside
Millions of children are raised in single-parent homes, and such an upbringing affords
those children a very unique perspective on the ups and downs of childhood that is not often
experienced by kids who grow up with two loving parents. The Boy Who Cried Inside recounts a
sometimes-tearful, sometimes-joyful journey of a young man on his voyage to manhood. It is a
dramatic story, a journey into the psychological impact of single parenthood on children. The
heartaches of life’s mysteries unfold as a child becomes a man, and masked emotions are
uncovered and revealed. While children in single-parent homes can be happy and well adjusted,
many endure sufferings and heartaches that they seldom talk about, a sensation of emptiness and
tears cried only on the inside. Those children may grow up and spend the remainder of their lives
searching for their purpose, longing for answers. Will these children ever truly find what it is that
they are looking for? Can they ever replace the love that they deserved, the love of a parent who
was invisible during their growing-up years? Single parenthood is an epidemic that seems to
have no cure, a problem that plagues every city in the modern world. Thus, the tale of The Boy
Who Cried Inside is a relevant, pressing story that needs to be told…