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The Bible is a Parable: A Middle Ground Between Science and Religion

The Courage to Commit
We are all related—by ink, if not blood—to Walter Mitty.
We all have dreams of glory:
Aspirations, plans, schemes, and designs.
Why then are so few of them executed
and why do only a small number
come to fruition?
It is because too many lack the nerve it takes
to step out of line—1
It is toward the borrowing of -this brand of courage |
that I now take a hesitatingly
uncertain step forward.
Arise, shine, for your light has come
And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.
—Isa. 60:1, NKJV
Note: An Intimate Memoir by Garson Kanin
You have studied my creation through your -Ignorance | and I have given you
-Visions |
You have studied my creation through your -Wisdom | and I have given you
-Insight |
You have studied my creation through your -Intellect | and I have given you
-Theories |
Throughout all this time, you have quested for -Answers | and I have given you
-Parables |
The opening quotation in this -Overview | is taken from one of the last chapters of this
work titled simply -Dialogue. |
Against all the understanding derived from his senses that should convince Man of
his singularity, somehow he could never feel totally alone in the world. Even considering
his felt need to believe in something more able to control the raw forces of his
environment, there were still those times when he felt led by something more than his
own experience. Religion provided a form in which to enclose that something.
Many an original and seemingly logical interpretation of the world that he came into
contact with has found its way into the memory of Man. Cherished to the point of
worship, they have been recited across the centuries as valued articles of the Wisdom of
the Ancients.
Out of this background, many stories have been told and retold until they gained
ascendancy in the mind of Man. And then, after an uncertain interval or because of some