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The Avant - Garde Life

Avant-Garde (adj.) Favouring or introducing new or experimental ideas and methods.
Avant-Gardian (n.) An individual who engages in a new or experimental lifestyle and remains
indifferent to conventional rules dictated by society.
The Avant-Garde Life refers to a new or experimental lifestyle in which one chooses not to conform to
conventional rules of society and instead, remains indifferent to them. In particular, this manifesto addresses
the concept of adventure by travelling the world on a long-term basis. It has been written for individuals who
are already contemplating making this jump, but are lacking suf?cient courage to embark upon their journey.
If you desire to ?nd the inspiration or the reassurance that this dream is possible, these pages have been
made for you.
In support of freedom of information, this document is available under an Attribution-NonCommercial-
NoDerivs Creative Commons License 3.0. In short, this means you are welcome to distribute this document
whenever, wherever, and to whoever you like, under the conditions that it is distributed on a non-commercial
basis and you attribute myself as the original content author.
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The views and opinions expressed in these pages are solely my own. The individuals featured in these
pages, consented to answering questions and being featured in the content without endorsing any of the
material. If you don’t agree with it, your qualms are with me, not them.
The Avant-Garde Life
© 2013 Jamie Bowlby-Whiting