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The Art of Meditation

The Art of Meditation
With centering prayer, you may decide to use the name of your religious
entity, or words that resonate with you on that level. You may also choose
an emotional word to help you center. “Center” could be your mantra, or
“I am at Peace”. What matters is most is how the mantra helps you, so
choose anything at all that has a meaning for you.
This is another easier form of stillness meditation because like using Mantra,
it gives you something to do. It also helps stimulate your imagination and
visualization skills. As you become present to your breathing, visualize that
your breath reaching down into the ground, like tree roots reaching into the
These roots will come from the top of your head down through your spine,
down through your hands and feet. Reach deeper into the earth with each
out breath, and begin to imagine energy from the earth’s core coming up
into your body with each out breath. Feel how you are connected to the
earth and that it is accepting all your stress, worry and other negative
feelings. The stress is melted away from the heat of the center of the earth
and comes back to you as peace.
Just as your out breath nourishes the earth, and your in breath is a gift from
the oxygen produced by the trees, energy from feelings creates the same
give and take response. When you are able to release the energy of stress,
anger, and other negative emotions into the earth, the energy is nourishing
for her. Mother Earth in turn changes the energy into positive ions which
are then available for you. All of that may sound like a bit of a head game
for you if you do not have a background in psychics to put it more simply:
Anything that exists is made up of measureable energy, including thoughts
and feelings. Anything that exists can never - not exist. So something will
never turn into nothing, it will only change into something else.