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The Art of Meditation

The Art of Meditation
The Art of Stillness Meditation
The most typical image of stillness
meditation has a person sitting
cross legged on the ground. Their
hands may be in a prayer
position, or in resting on their
knees and their eyes are usually
closed. That is an accurate image
of how many people choose to
sit in meditation, but it is not the
only way to do it. Some people
prefer to lie down and others will prefer to sit up in a more comfortable
position on a chair. Having a straight body posture (sitting or laying down
straight) and comfort are the only important points to consider when you
are trying out different stillness meditation positions.
These practices are also some of the more challenging types of meditation
for many of us due to their very nature. We as humans are simply out of
practice of being still. They are also some of the best meditation practices to
use to dissolve inner blocks and transform the false understanding you may
have of yourself.
I typically recommend a beginner start with three minutes per day of some
form of stillness meditation practice. Repeat this twice a day if possible. That
may not seem like much, but even one minute a day of complete awareness
can work miracles.
With stillness meditation, and all other forms of meditation, it is important
to remember that it is never about forcing yourself. Gentle persuasion is
encouraged. Set three minutes aside each day and try out one the stillness
meditation practices in this chapter until you find the one that feels the best