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The Art of Meditation

The Art of Meditation
Meditation is a beautiful art form. For
centuries it has been entrenched in
religious or spiritual mysticism. It began
well before 3000 BC in India. It was
included in a system of Yoga and was
passed from guru to guru through word
of mouth for many years before it was
recorded on paper or parchment. In the
meantime, meditation also began routes
in the Buddhist and other Middle East
and eastern religious and spiritual
pursuits. Some of the countries adopting
meditation along with India were
Japan, China and Tibet. Meditation is
still a fairly new practice for the rest of the world and was not encouraged
in particular religious sects due to misunderstanding the intent of it.
Due to its inception, there is a great deal of confusion when trying to
determine about what meditation is really all about. When you understand
that is was a system developed to unify the body, mind and spirit, you
understand that it is not a religious pursuit. It is instead a pursuit towards
total self knowledge. It does not matter what your spiritual beliefs are.
For those of us who meditate regularly, the benefits are very clear for us. It
feels good! It helps us live better, healthier, happier lives. We think better
and our friends and family’s like us better. The benefits affect you on a
physical, mental and emotional level. While those particular benefits can
create deep meaning and fulfillment in your life, they are not as important
as the fact meditation is so important it could quite literally save your life.
Bold claim for sure! Ask your physician or someone that’s meditating for
health reasons for further verification.