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The Art of Meditation

The Art of Meditation
Ritual Meditation Styles for Beginners
Any form of meditation can be
created to become a ritual. In
fact, the more you ritualize it,
the more you are apt to stick
with it. This type of ritual
would be based around a
particular time of the day, or
week. Other rituals are only
done occasionally.
There are well known rituals
and traditions that I wanted to
highlight for you to consider. Rituals add a depth to meditation practice that
helps inspire and motivate a deeper connection to the meditative state. It
makes your time meditating special and you begin to value it more.
Vision Quest
A vision quest is designed to help reconnected with your inner self, higher
self and Universal Consciousness, God, or whatever you call him/her. Some
people will travel to a destination and some people will begin their quest in
any area that is personally special. These meditation rituals can be anywhere
from a one day event or longer in duration.
Choose a place and a day, or even half a day for a Vision Quest. Where you
choose is not as important as that you leave your normal environment. We
become attached to our home and it feels like an extension of ourselves.
There is nothing wrong with that, but getting away from that extra
attachment into a place where you are alone with your physical, mental and
spiritual bodies is going to be more powerful for you.
Some people will fast during their vision quest with only water to sustain
them. If your health doesn’t allow for this, choose natural raw foods and