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The Art of Meditation

The Art of Meditation
that resonate the deepest for you can be used. When you are ready, imagine
sending those same visions and words out to the rest of the world.
Tonglen Meditation
Tonglen Meditation can be loosely translated to mean “Giving and taking”
meditation. This meditative practice focuses on the suffering and relief from
suffering of yourself and others. It allows you to sit with suffering, but to
also sit with the recovery of suffering. It is a bit different than Meta
Meditation because you first sit with suffering before sending out wishes of
wellness. It is an excellent practice to work on acceptance.
Start with stillness meditation to center yourself. Then choose yourself or
another person to focus on. Let’s say for example, your best friend is
depressed about a break up. Breathe in her sadness, and breathe out wishes
of healing and happiness for her. As you deepen with this practice, include
others in your home, your neighborhood, your community and eventually
the world.
It is important when practicing this style of meditation to sit with the
suffering, with the understanding that suffering is a part of life and can
create miracles. Do not become attached to the suffering with an attitude of
misery, approach it with acceptance and hope that it will bring better things.
Lectio Divina
Lectio Divina is literally translated to “Divine Reading”. For Christians,
reading and meditating on passages in the Bible would be an example of
this. You do not need to be Christian or religious in order to practice this
meditative style though. You can use any inspirational or motivational
To experience this, choose a passage, page, or paragraph from your favorite
inspirational book. It might be the Bible, a book of poems, or even lyrics to