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The Art of Meditation

The Art of Meditation
Generative Meditation Styles for Beginners
While this form of meditation is
called Generative Meditation, it
is also regenerative. This style of
meditation is effective to bring
you back to your true essence,
release with forgiveness and
remember what a beautiful
world we live in. It helps fill our
heart with love and compassion
for ourselves and others.
Generative meditation is a practice in cultivating and strengthening positive
qualities such as love, compassion, and patience. It is also about releasing
yourself from resentments, guilt and shame through forgiveness for yourself
and others. If you are working on acquiring those qualities, self love, or
forgiving yourself and others, these are excellent practices to incorporate.
Metta Meditation
Metta translates as “Loving-Kindness” and you will sometimes hear of it as
“Loving Kindness Meditation”. It can be easier to understand if you think of
it as “wellness wishing” meditation. This is unconditionally wishing safety,
happiness, good health and comfort of all living beings. This includes
yourself as well as plants, animals, the earth, air, water, groups and specific
To practice this meditative style, begin with stillness meditation or a
meditation that will help you connect with your center. When you are calm,
begin to imagine that health, happiness, safety and comfort are yours. Some
people like to envision themselves enveloped in white light, or green
healing light, others just repeat the words to themselves “I am safe from
inner and outer harm, I am happy, healthy and comfortable”. Any words