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The Art of Meditation

The Art of Meditation
you can look up on YouTube, or you can use your favorite music. Sit or lie
down and allow yourself to be carried away or as a prelude to helping you
settle into stillness meditation. This can also be combined beautifully with
movement meditation. If you play an instrument, create your own
meditative music to record and listen to, or to play while you practice the
art of creative meditation.
Contemplative Art
Contemplative are is any sort of art. Drawing, painting, doodling on scratch
paper, can all apply here. Chalk art, origami or any art medium can become
contemplative art. The beauty of it is that you do not have to have a
specific idea or goal in mind at all.
Try this; crumple up a piece of paper as if you were going to toss it into the
trash. Instead, unfold it and trace the lines, then color or shade some of
them in. Allow your mind to relax completely and focus on creating your
You can also use images for contemplative art. These can be wall hangings,
screensavers or pictures that you see to reflect on if you aren’t feeling
particularly artsy. Some people will light a candle and use the flame to focus
on. The idea is not to become dazed by what you are looking at, but to rest
your mind and reach a meditative state.
Sand Mandala
Making and then destroying mandalas created from colored sand is a
Tibetan practice. You can do the same with colored sand from your local
craft store and a box top lid or any other surface that can contain the sand
while you work it into any design you like.
You can also draw, paint or create the mandala from other materials. You
can tear different colors of paper and arrange them into a mandala pattern.
Typically, a chanting session would be done first to get centered. You can