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The Art of Meditation

The Art of Meditation
The Art of Creative Meditation
Tapping into the creative part of
your mind and spirit can lead to
some amazing meditative sessions.
Creative meditation works to help
stimulate other parts of the mind
that are not as stimulated through
movement or stillness meditation
styles. There are many ways to
practice creatively. We will cover
some of the most well known
ways. Try any of them the next time you are working on making a big
decision, or need to divert yourself from negative thoughts and emotions
and you will be able to see how effective this form of meditation can be.
Singing or Mantra Meditation
Singing and Mantra meditation styles use a phrase or song that has specific
toning and vocalizations. This is a bit different than a Mantra that you
would use in stillness meditation because you would choose more than one
word. In group creative meditation you may practice while singing rounds
or in harmony. Not all songs have to be slow or contemplative, you can
choose lively songs. The goal is to use singing and/or chanting to help reach
your inner core.
The most popular and well known mantra is a Sanskrit Mantra, “Om Mani
Padme Hum” (Oh-mmm Ma-Knee Pahd-mee Hum). While this is a famous
Mantra, especially with Tibetan Buddhists, it has no exact translation. It has
some specific qualities that are thought to create joy and peaceful vibrations.
Music Meditation
Playing a musical instrument or listening to music can help bring about an
amazing meditative experience. There are many meditational songs that