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The Art of Meditation

The Art of Meditation
Yoga and T’ai Chi Chuan
Gentle forms of Yoga and practicing T’ai Chi are both beautiful ways to
create a meditative practice. Gentle movements and a focus on breathing
combine together. These practices connect you to your body and spirit, get
you in great physical shape, release toxins from your body and naturally
improve your posture.
While practicing yoga or T’ai Chi the focus goes into your poses and gently
encouraging your body into different poses and moves. There are many
yoga and T’ai Chi studios for you to explore, or search on YouTube to find
online training videos you can do at home. While a home practice in these
arts can be beneficial, taking some outside classes will help you gain a firm
foundation in proper ways to move through the poses as a teacher is on
1hand to observe your movements.
Contemplative Dance and Authentic Movement
Very similar to walking meditation, only this form of movement meditation
uses forms of dance and body movements. There are not as many resources
for this, although sometimes you will be able to find local classes or groups.
You can also experience this on your own if you like. Start with standing
and connecting with your breath. Turn on music that speaks to you on an
inspirational level and move with it. Feel how it feels to commune with the
music that way.
Take some time to try some of these movement meditation styles. You can
also become very creative and use just about any task that you are doing as
a movement meditation style. Washing dishes, folding laundry or any task
that is active but does not require a lot of concentration to perform are all
good ideas. Avoid meditating while you drive, it could cause you to become
less aware of what you need to think about to be a safe driver.
Use this form of meditation as a standalone practice, or to help settle into a
stillness meditation style. You can also rotate moving meditation with