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The Art of Meditation

The Art of Meditation
The Art of Movement Meditation
Many people love the ease and
flow of movement meditation.
Incorporating movement into
your meditation practice can
add depth that is not available
with being still. When moving,
we have something to focus on
that allows an awareness of the
present moment. It also
incorporates our mind and
body connection in a way that
creates a much greater sensitivity to how our bodies relate to the space it
uses to move about in.
Walking Meditation
Walking meditation uses the act of walking as a meditative tool. Start with
simply standing and connecting with your breath. Move your head into
alignment, centered over your heart and stretch upwards through your sides
and ribcage. Relax your shoulders. Root your feet firmly into the ground
and center yourself into your body. Then, walk. Keep your steps slow and
deliberate. Allow your body to move how it feels the most natural. If your
arms or hands feel awkward, hold them in prayer position or place them to
cover your area between your heart and stomach.
Become aware of your feet as they move, one in front of the other. How
do your feet feel moving and how do they feel on the ground. As you walk,
you can continue your awareness up throughout the rest of your body.
Balance the outward experience and inward experience. Focus on your
breath and what you see as you walk. There are many things you can notice
when you are meditating and walking, consistently return to your breath
and how your body feels moving on the earth.