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The Art of Meditation

The Art of Meditation
With this in mind, the energy of your thoughts and feelings exist. You can
feel them in your body and they will affect everything and everyone around
you. Therefore, using meditation to transmute negative energy into positive
energy is an activity that can improve your mind, body and spirit health as
well as improve your environment, including those around you.
Using centering meditation to help release negative energy through your out
breath, and receive positive energy through your in breath can have life
changing benefits. The more you practice, the more you will be able to do
this outside of a formal meditation session. This is an essential tool to
develop if you suffer from anxiety or depression, especially during high
stress moments.
Insight Meditation
Insight meditation can be done sitting or lying and focuses on the breath, as
all the other stillness meditation practices can. Breathe slowly and naturally
and just watch what comes up. If thoughts come up, just notice them
without judgment and allow them to pass by while you gently return
yourself to your following your breath. This is a practice of curiosity in
connecting with the part of you that “watches” your thoughts and your
senses. In essence, you are watching the watcher without thinking about it,
just experiencing it in the moment.
It can be helpful with this meditation or in life if you visualize your mind as
a clear blue sky. Thoughts are the clouds that cross through the mind. Some
clouds are the fluffy white kind. They float through easily and may be
happy thoughts. Other thoughts are heavier and darker clouds. Those can
be worry thoughts or harder to shake. Stay in the clear blue sky and just
watch the clouds without becoming a part of them.
Guided Meditations
There are a variety of guided meditations addressing many topics and can
be listened to and/or watched. There is a huge variety of them available for