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The Arora Saga: White River Calling

For Raven
My inspiration to a more content life
The Arora Saga
White River Calling
CR Delport
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White River Calling
Copyright © 2013 by CR Delport
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Cover Art:
Jaco Moolman
Chapter 1
He opened his eyes and the bright sunlight flooded his vision, his eye lids closed in
automatic reaction to the pain caused by the light. He listened. A sweeping wind rolled over the
landscape with a soft whistling sound, tugging at strands of his shoulder length, blond hair.
After a few moments he slowly opened his eyes again, prepared for the light. Squinting
against the rays of the sun, everything was a blur. A huge black shadow hovered over him. He
tried to lift his head, but the pounding pain in his temples made him gasp. Rolling on to his back,
he grabbed his head between his hands.
He waited a few moments for the worst of the pain to subside, then struggled to a sitting
position, his head swimming and his vision still blurred. After a few blinks, his vision slowly
came into focus. The threatening shadow turned out to be a huge fallen tree with a branch that
pointed upwards, hovering over him, providing welcome shade against the glaring sun.
The man grabbed the side of the tree, the bark rough under his hands, and pulled himself
to his feet. His wobbly legs had difficulty in supporting his weight, so he leaned against the
fallen tree for support. By shifting his weight, he moved into a position where his back rested