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Tales of Horror and the Supernatural

“How many times are you going to wish for the same thing before you die,” he goaded. “ You
realise that if I do indeed help you I will need something in return.”
With a sinking heart I asked: “What?”
“Ah but you already know,” he said with a cruel laugh. “I want your soul. I will rip out the good part
of your soul and it will be mine every night!”
“No!” I shouted. “No….”
His eyes became red and he came even closer; still outwardly my friend, but I could sense the inner
menace. “Think of what I could do for you. Why live in fear of mortals when you could live like a
king!” I was about to discard this, when Jake Connor’s sneering face entered my mind and I instantly
I woke up the next morning and couldn’t remember anything of the dream I had the previous night,
but that was nothing new as I couldn’t remember many of my dreams. I eventually left for work
That night, as the dark crept over the town, I felt energy levels in my body rise and bloodlust course
through my mind. I could hear the pathetic ramblings of individuals in neighbouring flats and houses.
The light of the room hurt my eyes so I extinguished it and saw what looked like to two red-hot coals
reflected in the mirror above the mantelpiece. I laughed realising the red orbs were my eyes. I
glanced at the digital clock read out - it was after ten – time to go; so I grabbed my long black coat
and headed out into the night.
A mist had drifted in from the sea, and an eerie orange glow encircled the street lights. I walked
along the High Street keeping to the shadows as I passed people who were leaving well -lit bars. The
street ended by the hidden dark mass that was the
North Sea; so I turned right along Old Shore Head, which had a river on one side, and waited in a
passage just past The Caledonian Bar.
A foghorn sounded as laughter exploded from the opening of the pub door and then footsteps
came toward me. I knew who was coming! Stepping out behind, after he had past, I put one hand
over Connor’s mouth and wrapped my other arm around his chest and pulled him into the passage.
His struggling turned to paralysis as he twisted his head round to gaze in horror at my crimson eyes.
I stuck a hand between his legs, ripped his jeans, and then twisted off his genitalia and dangled
them in front of his eyes. I then pushed my head close to one of his ears and growled: “This was
what you wanted Jake wasn’t it? You and me outside!”
He squealed as I watched tears roll down his creased face before I snapped his neck like a twig. I
then lugged his corpse over the road and dropped it into the river. Then I disappeared into the
swirling mist as the foghorn blew another sombre note.
The next morning I woke up on my settee with a headache. I couldn’t remember where I had been
the night before until I found my black coat lying in the hallway spattered with blood. Then the full
horror of what I did thundered into my mind and I ran into the toilet and threw up.
What Had I done? I asked myself as I sat at the kitchen table and stared out at a sky where ragged
clouds were being pushed along by a strong wind. Maybe it will just be for one night, I thought –
hopefully. I decided to carry on as if nothing had happened. But I had taken a life. All I had wanted to
do was frighten the guy!
I stood up and took off my clothes from the previous evening and threw them into the washing
machine then I got ready for work. I left the house willing myself to forget what I had done; or what
the angel had done.
At lunchtime the phone on my desk rang.
“Yeah, hullo?”
“Ross, its Helen.”
“Hi. How are you doing?”
“I’m fine. Have you heard about the body that was found in the river?”
“Ross, the word is that it’s Jake Connor. You know? That guy that bothered us the other night.
There will be a formal identification later I expect.”
“Oh,” I said, trying to feign indifference.
I watched as the last of the team left the sports pavilion in the park and the lights were
extinguished. Another football training night had come to a close. After a while a lone figure
appeared and locked the double doors then strode through the dark park toward the street lights in
the distance.