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Tactician: Tactics Anthem Chronicles

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Published: 3 years ago

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Author: Thomas Lim

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Life as a Tactician-in-training is tough. But tougher yet is the inner torment that cannot be spoken of. You are months away from being appointed as a Tactician under the orders of Castle Camelot. Like you, your comrades are preparing for the appointed day where the Test will reveal all. Yet – rumors from Camelot speak gravely about the impending war with Queen Morgana. Except it will not be a war – it will be a massacre. Without the Knights of the Round Table and Merlin, what chance does King Constantine have? And now this – Prince Uriel Loron has abandoned Camelot itself? Something is amiss – and you are determined to find out the truth. But never would you have imagined your actions are about to get entwined with the prince, and the new heroes of Bretunia.


Thomas Lim

Thomas is an ardent fan of the fantasy genre, having grown up with the legends of Arthur, and influenced by the Fantasy worlds of Tolkien and more recently, the Dragonlance Universe. In his free time, Thomas likes to write about the post-Arthur conflict, and has since gone on to develop a gaming anthology. His neo-Arthurian world is based on a new geographical construct, as he has chosen to superimpose a whole new universe upon it. Thomas graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Literature from the National University of Singapore. He is married with three children.

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