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Super Affiliate Guidebook

8. Super Affiliate Tips
- How Your Web Site Looks
- The Biggest Payouts
- Lifetime Revenue Share
- Co-Branded Landing Pages
- Affiliate Advertisements
- Your Affiliate Payment
- Free Internet Traffic
- Multiple Languages
- Your Credibility
- Personal Affiliate Relationship
- Negotiate For A Better Commission
- Focused Marketing
- Visitor Bookmarks
- Diversify Your Efforts
9. Google Adwords
10. Maximizing Your Affiliate Profits
- Selling E-Books Over The Internet
- Special Deals From Select Vendors
- Be Creative With Your Affiliate Links
- Various Web Sites For Your Niche
- Multiple Products For Your Visitors
- One Step Ahead Of Your Competitors
- Developing A Free Affiliate E-Book
11. Effectively Promote Affiliate Products
- The Major Search Engines
- Top Internet Directories
- Advertise In Your SIG