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Stalking Vol 2: The Bridge of Reason

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Published: 2 years ago

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Author: John Axelson

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In the second volume of the Stalking series, a mystic dissects mankind’s core behaviours to reveal the insidious elements of our social conditioning that have literally destroyed entire cultures. As these are integral to her apprentice’s way of life, she leads him to claim as his own knowledge the mechanisms behind the end of the world “cycle”, and to specifically see how and why the forerunners to the Second Coming are already here.

Paulina Pinochet

I've never read anything so outrageous to my reason, and insulting to my intelligence until... well, it riveted me from page to page. (I read it non-stop in a few hours) I am not religious, but I can imagine a few hundred million people would be enraged by what I can only describe as the most intelligent treatment of the Second Coming scenario I have ever encountered. It also takes an intriguing and sympathetic look at our warriors, few of whom would be pleased about the author's approach to their plight, regardless that it could help them.


John Axelson

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    Nov 2012

    This is part one of three. Please go to Stalking the Designs of Destiny for all three books in one download.

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