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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

Spellhollow Wood

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Published: 1 year ago

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Imagine embracing your mother one day, then having no memory of her 24 hours later... That's how thirteen year old Marie's story begins in the spring of 1968. Each day her father, James, visits his wife's empty grave, convinced she was the victim of a vicious bear attack. Marie's memory impairment forces him to endure his grief silently, constantly reliving the horrifying incident - his wife literally torn from his daughter's arms, with no trace of her ever found. But this strange disappearance is only too common within the 220 square-mile tract of bewitched woodland they live next to, known locally as Spellhollow Wood - the last remaining ancient growth forest in all of North America. Even now in 2013, it is a place tucked away in obscurity. And of course there was no bear attack. With the aid of a mysterious boy, Perion, and a homeless girl named Courinn, Marie discovers the truth about the mother she has no memory of.

Joe Scotti

Hello, so glad you enjoyed my book. Was wondering if you might wish to add a quick review up on Was also curious what you meant above by transcription errors, do you mean grammar and punctuation mistakes? Thank you!Joe

Joe Scotti

Thank you for your review of my book! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book! Was wondering if you might be able to post this review up on By transcription errors did you mean grammar or punctuation?

K. Krieger

A fun book for teens to adults, who still possess enough youthful fantasy to be able to enjoy books like these. Apart from some transcription errors, well written with excellent descriptions.


Joe Scotti

Fantasy Adventure Author and Filmmaker

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