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Social Media Marketing Secrets for Online Business

Social Media Marketing for Business – A Personal Guidebook
Social Media Marketing, Authority Presence and SEO
What’s interesting to note is that most Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists have a completely
different view on what it means to be an ‘Authority’ website as compared to Google.
Many search marketing firms (including my own: stress the importance of
inbound links to build credibility. They think in terms of the ‘authoritative sites.’
In most cases search engine optimization rarely addresses any other factors involved in the time-
consuming process of creating an authority presence. This is partly due to the fact, that most companies
are unwilling to invest the amount of effort required. On-page SEO (code, content, structure) is
important, but in highly competitive markets, you will not win the #1-3 positions race in Google without
authority and trust.
The search engines links don’t raise your website to the authority level alone: inbound links are the
result of being an authority.
Websites that have achieved authority status will attract a substantial visitorship. These visitors actively
check the content on a regular basis, discuss it with friends, write about it on their blogs and link to it in
the pursuit of becoming authorities themselves. You’ll see references to these sites across the social
media platform.
Inbound links are the major indicator that the search engines use to define authority, yet research
shows that a human visitor considers a website an authority when the content is specific to the subject
niche and constantly updated. Visitors also (without knowing it, perhaps) give higher ratings to an
authority website that link to other authorities, to further the understanding of visitor regarding their
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