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Simple Business

Fees and charges are made in various ways. This includes some of the
following alternatives.
? Fixed dolla r cost for the sale of ite ms.
? Time -based charges, such as an hourly rate for services.
? On-going regular fees, such as a monthly charge for regula r
ma intenance.
? Percentage commissions and fees based on the size of the
1.4. Creation & Battle
Business may involve two distinct activities; creation, and battle.
1.4.1. Creation
Creat ion involves producing items, designing products, creating artistic
works, and other activity that results in ite ms being created for later sale.
Performing services creates value, although this may not be in a tangible
1.4.2. Battle
Battle may involve attack, defence, and contest.
Attack occurs on a personal level during co mme rcia l transactions.
For e xa mp le, pressure and intimidation may be applied to induce a person to
buy a product, select a service, or conduct a transaction.
Attack also occurs within competit ive markets.