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Mystery Ebooks

Silas Oaktree and the Fox's Challenge

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Published: 2 months ago

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Author: Nicholas Ballard

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Things he has to deal with: -- A human friend who puts out cheap bird seed; --An invalid wife to take care of with eggs about to hatch. -- An older brother addicted to illicit forest mushrooms and berries. -- The council of forest animals swaying under political pressure. -- A cunning fox plotting revenge. What starts with Momma Bear’s cubs going missing turns into a mystery likely to throw the whole forest into chaos. Animal carcasses turn up, wasted and uneaten. When a scrawled message written in blood singles out Silas, he is plunged into a contest of wills with a psychopath that threatens to push him to the brink. He has to put everything on the line if he is going to stop a threat coming out of the darkest heart of the forest.


Nicholas Ballard

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