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Siam Hotel Stories

Siam Hotel-Summer 1937
Bobby, the groundskeeper and gardener at the Siam Hotel, was trimming the bushes that
ran along either side of the hotel’s main entrance when a white Rolls-Royce pulled up the circle
drive and stopped adjacent to the lobby doors.
Two men stepped out of the back seat. One was a chubby man in an expensive suit with a
gallon of pomade smeared back through his thinning hair. The other man was a handsome fella,
but more modestly dressed in gray slacks held up by suspenders, a white button-down shirt with
the sleeves rolled up, and patent leather shoes that looked as though they’d actually walked in, as
opposed to the pristine shine Bobby was used to seeing on most of the guests that passed
The chubby one looked around and noticed Bobby. He raised his arm and snapped his
“BOY! LUGGAGE!” he hollered, and then pointed to the trunk of the Rolls-Royce.
Bobby had expected this, but still let out a low growl when he dropped his trimming
shears and headed toward the car. At least, he thought, this would get him out of the sun for a
few minutes.