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Short Stories of Love, Hope, and Laughter by Carlos Salinas EXCERPT

―May we have a bottle of Gattinara, please?"
asked Lara.
―Of course, Madame," replied the waiter.
It was a routine now; the bottle of wine and the
weekly updates of life with her mother over their
favorite Italian plate.
As the conversation continued, Lara could not
help noticing how truly symmetrical and beautiful
her mother‘s lips were. She inherited genes for
perfect lips and had them –until the accident. It
wasn‘t anything life-changing, but it did leave a scar,
both on the right side her upper lip and on her
perception of herself. She continued watching her
mother‘s mouth move as she formed her words.
―I don‘t want to frighten you, Lara," her mother
began jokingly, ―but that man over there is staring at
―What? Where?" Lara demanded anxiously. She
was not used to that sort of attention, much less in a
public place.