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Short Stories Ebooks

Short Stories from Carlos Salinas

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Published: 1 year ago

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Author: Carlos Salinas


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A collection of short feel-good and love stories by new author, Carlos Salinas. Short Love Story: The Girl at the Bakery Shop by Carlos A sweet surprise waits for a girl working a bakery shop from a complete stranger. Short Love Story: I Love Dragons by Carlos Salinas A young man has a surprise with love in a number of hours. A hopeful story about young love. Short Love Story: A Thousand Poems by Carlos Salinas A young man looks for the perfect gift for a girl he loves and finds that the simplest gift is best. Short Love Story: What These Old Eyes Saw by Carlos Salinas A man's observations about a young couple in a restaurant. A Fable: The Ant, the Bee, the Firefly, and the Worm by Carlos Salinas A group of insects discuss their abilities, but only one is wisest. Short Story on Courage: Victim or Fighter by Carlos Salinas A short dialogue on courage. Short Story on Courage: The Voice by Carlos Salinas A short dialogue on determination and conquering fear. Short Love Story: Love in a Hopeless Place: The Diary of Calantha Mora With no love around her, a young girl%u2019s diary tells the story of her struggle between the love of her dreams and the %u201Creal world%u201D. Short Story: The Writer by Carlos Salinas The need to write in the moment of inspiration cannot be ignored. Short Story: Gold or Aluminum? by Carlos Salinas Even though it may be attainable, not every person wishes for the most precious things in life. Short Love Story: The Oven Light by Carlos Salinas Who knew a 25-watt light bulb for an oven could mean so much?

Subbaram Danda

Nice introduction to the upcoming collection. I liked the element of surprise at the end of every piece. All the best -- Subbaram Danda, Chennai, India.


Carlos Salinas

Working on my short stories and poems. Hoping to get them published in 2013!

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