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Shade Planet

Havu thought his exercise more extreme than the battles he
had to have in the test center, and it aroused questions which he
frequently pondered but never dared to speak to certain of his
masters: was this exercise easier than the fights because he was
excelling in these near suicide practices and hence real-life
seemed like child‘s play?
And yet he was a child, though his masters constantly riveted
in his head that he is a young man; a child is a defenseless state
in the life of an organism that was only recognized in the
newborn state. As soon as one‘s limbs could be moved
effectively after the span of their birth, it should be put to good
And that was his life ever since the age of four; movements
coordinated by his masters in order to be fitting to their own
In the middle of the sparring garden, the young Orderran was
at his lesson. With his feet planted firmly in the mix colored soil,
he punched a metallic slab that was swinging forward at him
from a chain hung on a tree limb. Wires were attached to the
chain from the wall, and it fixed the chain to swing a certain
Havu was to repel this metallic slab each time it neared him—
with his fists. Not the fleshy palm of his hands, but his bony
knuckles. The first time he did this he thought that this was the
pain people felt when they were killed in combat. But as the
weeks progressed, it became more of a hard slap against his
hand other than a bone-breaking blow.