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Shade Planet

“Damn it!” Havu said. He leaped aside out of the thrusting knife. Before Havu stood a slender,
black-bodied robot with a white face and red eyes.
The thing smiled mockingly at Havu with each thrust of the long knives it made at him.
Completely weaponless, Havu could only dodge the blows and wait for an opening to attack the
His body stunk of his perspiration and frustration, mixed with a little of the blood from the
wounds the robot dealt him.
He barely moved his head in time out of the way of the next thrust, wincing at the cut that
nearly sliced his jugular.
And this was his life ever since the age of four; movements coordinated by his masters in order
to be fitting to their own desires.
All over the sparring garden the young Orderran went with the ravenous machine. He had to do
this for the next two hours. If ever Havu fell to exhaustion and dropped his guard, one lethal
attack from the robot would be the end of him. But he found that a bit likable opposed to being
injured and being punished with no food for the rest of the day.
They call this early morning exercise? Havu thought. At least give me a screwdriver to take this
thing apart with!
Dressed in a black shirt with green hems and grey shorts, the shaggy haired full- lipped boy
named Havu Flaa was surrounded by a wall of beautiful, polished bricks that glistened under the
orange-yellow light of the bulb above.
Small, genetically modified trees of rich, brown craggy trunks and bright green leaves
surrounded him near the walls. The trees grew no more than three meters, just two feet below the
walls of the training field. The grass was of the purest green as if it were the first color, situated
in patches all over the multicolored soilâ€"shades of brown, grey, red and orange.
Not only was Havu to sharpen his movements, but also his sense of smell and chemical
detectionâ€"which the variants of soil provided.
Havu twisted his body out of the way of an attack, and found and opening. He thrust his elbow
into the face of the robot, making it wobble wildly away. It regained it s fighting stance and
continued to bully Havu. Havu groaned and stepped around the knives.
Above Havu, two Orderran women watched him like hawks; deep red eyes peering at every
inch of his body‟s movements. Tall but with a sumptuous feminine grace and shape, they both
wore black, silk robes as shiny as their jet black hair. The three vertical strokes with the orange
outline of a smiley face over it identified them as members of the Umbra- yin. The collars of their
robes were huge flower petals that curved outward with yellow and blue inners and a yellow
stripe that ran down the middle.
One of the women had her hair tied into a long ponytail and blue inside her petals. The other
had her hair tied into a ball at the side with four needles sticking out of the red wrapping with
diamond at their ends and a yellow flower with orang filaments on the other side. He r petals had
yellow inside them.