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Shade Planet

Shade Planet
This story takes place in the distant Solar System of
Upsinodron on the planet Veheculon: a world nearly two and a
half times the size of Earth with three moons, blue plants that
feed off moonlight and furthest planet from the sun and the
On this world, there existed a power species known as the
Lycan, who have then evolved into two races known as the
Orderrans and the Norverrans.
For centuries the Norverrans have been at war with the
Orderrans for dominance over Veheculon, using technology and
brute strength to best each other.
The Norverrans were once victorious, and enslaved the
Orderrans. But after eight hundred years of being oppressed, the
Orderrans had risen up and fought their oppressors for freedom.
They formed several military based nations in order to have a
ready fighting force to defend themselves.
A group of Orderran women formed and organization known
as the Umbra-yin: a specialized in the art of matter
manipulation—in other words alchemy and spiritual release.
These are their stories: